Monday, July 2, 2012

My toothbrush is a thing that haunts me...

There are very few moments as nasty as realizing when you hear the toilet flush, that the only other person at home is SmallDaughter (who has no business being in the bathroom, since she is not potty trained!). Upon entering the bathroom, things took an immediate nosedive, when I saw she was A) brushing her teeth, B) with a toothbrush she had just removed from the swirling potty water, and C) That it was MY toothbrush. My former toothbrush, that is.

We have been having a very quiet life this week, because she can't regulate her body temp. She doesn't sweat, and these high temps are really dangerous for her. I find it slightly ironic that my only child who would LOVE to be outdoors 24/7 can't be allowed to, and the other two have to be shoved out physically!

I am working on my plans for having an awesome "summer camp" with the various small fry who are coming to stay with me during the summer. I practiced today, by making up "surprise bags" for the 3 grandchildren of my friend Miss Pat, who have come to stay with her. There is one bag for each day.

Some of the coolness included:

Supplies to make ice cream in baggies
Bubble Blow
Stuff to make Jello Jigglers in the shape of Nascar Race Cars
Little Squirty fish
A jar of cookie mix
A chocolate book and a board book for each child
sidewalk chalk
supplies to make "drawing pads" for tidy fingerpainting:

just make pudding, and put 2-3 tablespoons in a gallon ziplock and let them "fingerpaint" on it. Really fun, actually!