Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Try to contain your excitement


While I try to keep things classy on the blog, a few of you know me better.

There have been some rumors about tacky wedding dresses. Murmurs about bad baby names.

And some of you may even have information about a late night reading of The Weight Watchers Diet Recipes with me. Good times, good times.

So you won't be too surprised when I spring this little treasure on you!

You're Welcome.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A beautiful morning

I looked out my window this morning, and the beauty out there took my breath away. The view is just the tall pine trees in the neighbors yard, but they were illuminated by golden light, against a bright blue sky--truly magnificent. The light was almost Maxfield Parrish-ish, which I always love.

(No, we look NOTHING like these people, even when I go out to feed the chickens in my pajamas!)

This winter has been so weird--more days that felt like April than December (or January or February, for that matter).

My guys are at a Klondike Derby in 40+ degree weather (and mud to the armpits, I am sure, since it rained the last 2 days), and so last night BigGirl and I ate 2 heart shaped boxes of chocolates while we watched "Breaking Dawn, pt. 1" together. We had a great time!

This morning, I did get to watch my neighbor repeatedly hitting the tire on his pickup truck with a sledge hammer. Now it is parked just barely in his driveway--I think it is axel problems. Maybe my car problems are contagious. My poor gray boringmobile has entered the automotive version of hospice care. I do not think there is any recovery for this.

Now I need to go do useful things!

Monday, February 6, 2012

40th Birthday!

I had a great birthday! It wasn't a wildly exciting day--took LargeBoy to an Order of the Arrow Lodge Meeting, took SmallDaughter and the Wonderdog with us to Walmart, got to talk to all the dog lovers who need to tell the person who has their dog with them in the store all about their dog(s), and all about the amazing things they can train dogs to do now (which always happens when I go out with SD & the WD!).

We came home and I fixed a big pot of Corn and Bacon Chowder, and then a few friends came over for a cutthroat game of Michigan Bankroll. I think this is a game that has evolved within our family confines (it is similar to Skip-bo, with increasingly difficult rounds of sets and runs,but sneakier rules!). I had a stellar opening, and then lost, but not horribly!

My dear Aunt A made two pans of her amazing brownies (one with nuts, one without) and a batch of homemade caramel nut frosting (like you put on German Chocolate cake) for them. HEAVEN!