Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Redecorating the Living Room

Know what is delicious? Pop-overs. Yorkshire Pudding. Cream puffs, Eclairs, German Pancakes, Crepes. I love all of those things. And, they all have variations of the same recipe: milk, eggs, flour, blend.

I do NOT love having those ingredients combined together on my living room carpet. If someone (not to name any names, but she is the youngest!) broke half a dozen eggs across the carpet, poured out the rest of the milk and then poured a 5 gallon bucket of flour over them, then played in it...well, you can imagine.

It does make me think about the argument of evolution versus intelligent design. Even if you have the right ingredients, without the knowledge of how to combine them correctly--all you end up with is a mess.


We are so busy. Yes, I know that we are ALWAYS so busy, but as the kids get bigger, the schedule gets--busier. I did calendaring for the year, and every week is already full. We have the usual stuff--Scouts and Young Women, our beloved Fiber Arts Friends group, Church stuff. And we have the other stuff like Youth Conference, Scout Camp, 4-H Camp, Girls Camp, 2 major hikes with Dad...the list goes on and on. It is exciting to see them grow.

SmallDaughter had her neurologist checkup on her birthday--which meant she had to have a blood draw, poor thing. She was very brave, even though (for the first time ever at our wonderful children's hospital) they had to poke her twice and use both arms. The good thing is she doesn't really comprehend abstract ideas like "today is your birthday", so (even though this is the second year in a row with a Dr. visit/blood draw on the day) she didn't mind. She was very excited a few days later to have a combined birthday party with Grandpa, with LOTS of candles on the cake for her to blow out (with a little Grandpa help!).

This week she got to go see the eye doctor (the specialist at the childrens hosp., who is set up for non-verbal children). Thankfully, her eyes are healthy and we don't need glasses or anything else. I can not imagine the horrors of trying to keep SmallDaughter in glasses!

LargeBoy is making wonderful smells emanate from the kitchen. As much as I miss how freakin' cute they were when they were little--they sure are a big help to have around now!

For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I threw my back out quite badly--which wouldn't have been much of a problem, except my awesome Chiropractor had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery in December. So, painfully waiting for him to come back, life still had to go on. We went grocery shopping while SmallDaughter was at school, and not only did LargeBoy and BigGirl do all of the bagging/loading at the store, once we got home they did the unloading/putting away and sent me to bed with an ice pack! They are truly becoming awesome people, as well as sweet children!

I am happy to report that Dr. S is back in business, and my back is, too!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

PANIC!! or not.

I am getting pretty frustrated with news reporters--especially television news. "Now is the perfect time to PANIC!"*

Every time clouds move in they predict "THE STORM OF THE CENTURY--from 30 to 96 inches of snow! Highly dangerous conditions!!!! More snow than you can imagine!!!!!"

And then we get a little bit of winter. Yep, it can be dangerous to travel in snowy weather. Ditto hot weather, rainy weather, you name it. What is needed is more thinking and less panic mongering.

Just Sayin'.

We got about 3 inches of lovely white snow. SmallDaughter's school was canceled and she was out playing in it every time I turned around. She just likes to kick it and make tracks. I cleaned the sidewalk off with a broom, which indicates to me that it was not a blizzard--just winter!

*Monsters, Inc. quote

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big News!

I am officially jumping in and doing all the prep work to (Trumpet Voluntary, please)...go back to school. Specifically to get my Bachelor's Degree (side note--anybody else think it is a little odd for the married mother of 3 to want to be a Bachelor?). Anyway, I am currently up to my nostrils in scholarship info, etc.

Apparently I just hate boredom, and will do anything to keep my life from being calm. OK--there are actually lots of other factors going into this decision, but I think that is the main one I am admitting to!

While this is huge and scary at this point in my life, it is also right and feels so...right!