Monday, June 16, 2014

Au Revoir!

We are getting rid of internet for the summer, in a grand attempt at getting outside and doing "non-electronic things"! Which is a lovely thing for the children, but also affects me a LOT. Since I am the worst offender at spending mass amounts of time on the computer!

Which is a long-winded way to say, I probably won't be posting much.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Some of the most exciting things in a child's life only come once a year...Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, and then (when they get a little bigger) Colossalcon! It seems hard to believe that only a few years ago, I was pretty unaware of the existence of fan conventions. I vaguely knew that there were Sci-Fi conventions where weirdos dressed up as Klingons, but that was about it. Now I know that there are conventions for EVERY fandom--if you love Star Wars, Anime, playing games, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Steampunk or almost anything else (!) somewhere there is convention hall full of people just like you! Now I have more experience, I love the enthusiasm, creativity, acceptance, cheerful friendliness that abounds at conventions. While at first it is a little odd to see people in long pink wigs or Pokemon costumes, it is no stranger than those hardcore Cleveland Browns fans who paint their faces (and, horribly, their naked bodies!--some things should stay covered!) I have had a houseful of excited teens who worked on costumes and preparations and had an amazing time together!

Now I need to go take a nap!