Thursday, January 13, 2011

PANIC!! or not.

I am getting pretty frustrated with news reporters--especially television news. "Now is the perfect time to PANIC!"*

Every time clouds move in they predict "THE STORM OF THE CENTURY--from 30 to 96 inches of snow! Highly dangerous conditions!!!! More snow than you can imagine!!!!!"

And then we get a little bit of winter. Yep, it can be dangerous to travel in snowy weather. Ditto hot weather, rainy weather, you name it. What is needed is more thinking and less panic mongering.

Just Sayin'.

We got about 3 inches of lovely white snow. SmallDaughter's school was canceled and she was out playing in it every time I turned around. She just likes to kick it and make tracks. I cleaned the sidewalk off with a broom, which indicates to me that it was not a blizzard--just winter!

*Monsters, Inc. quote

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