Saturday, February 18, 2012

A beautiful morning

I looked out my window this morning, and the beauty out there took my breath away. The view is just the tall pine trees in the neighbors yard, but they were illuminated by golden light, against a bright blue sky--truly magnificent. The light was almost Maxfield Parrish-ish, which I always love.

(No, we look NOTHING like these people, even when I go out to feed the chickens in my pajamas!)

This winter has been so weird--more days that felt like April than December (or January or February, for that matter).

My guys are at a Klondike Derby in 40+ degree weather (and mud to the armpits, I am sure, since it rained the last 2 days), and so last night BigGirl and I ate 2 heart shaped boxes of chocolates while we watched "Breaking Dawn, pt. 1" together. We had a great time!

This morning, I did get to watch my neighbor repeatedly hitting the tire on his pickup truck with a sledge hammer. Now it is parked just barely in his driveway--I think it is axel problems. Maybe my car problems are contagious. My poor gray boringmobile has entered the automotive version of hospice care. I do not think there is any recovery for this.

Now I need to go do useful things!

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  1. I watched that movie last night too, and I just found out another friend did! Did you like it? I must admit. I thought it was terrible! Soooo cheesy. Loved the books and thought the first movie was good but the rest are just not that exciting.
    Good luck to your vehicle! We pushed our old green car to its limit. Also, Ben has the last car we had. We thought it was done. he's had it for over 3 years now and it is still going!