Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Try to contain your excitement


While I try to keep things classy on the blog, a few of you know me better.

There have been some rumors about tacky wedding dresses. Murmurs about bad baby names.

And some of you may even have information about a late night reading of The Weight Watchers Diet Recipes with me. Good times, good times.

So you won't be too surprised when I spring this little treasure on you!

You're Welcome.


  1. Oh, dear. You made my day! And reminded me that this is not the first place I have seen a similar dessert to last photo in the book. Ever see "The Secret Life of Bees"?

    Miss you dearly!


  2. Oh and those nights have been fabulous. Sadly the bananas are not nearly as much fun as if we were sitting around together late at night. That would be awesome.

  3. So true. But face it...almost everything is more awesome when we are sitting around together!