Friday, March 2, 2012

Date Night!

Just got back from a hot date with my honey. It was actually a lot of fun--we went to see "Sherlock Holmes,Game of Shadows" at the dollar theater (where we always go to the early show, because we can't stay awake for the normal showing--to say nothing of the late show!), got Shamrock Shakes at MickeyD's (which I had never had before, but I never turn down ice cream!) and checked out the eyecandy at the junk yard, (truly, I was able to keep the drool under control!) while he got a new radiator fan to finish repairing poor green van that I hit the deer with. It was very nice, and now I am off to bed!

As a little PS--I was so proud that I found homes for the 3 kittens dear hubs brought home last spring--but two of them have come back to us, and one (who shall remain nameless, but is the only female, and who is currently going by the name "Hussy" is definitely preggers, so we have new kitties on the way. Which I am mostly excited about, because I do love kittens. But, boy do we have a lot of cats here!

Also--just so you are jealous: while we were gone, not only did the big kids do a great job taking care of SmallDaughter, but LargeBoy cooked a nice spaghetti dinner (it's his week to cook dinner) and also made some really good cookies! While I occasionally miss their tiny little cuteness, I do like the cool people they are turning into.

Even when it's weird.

re: weird--on Monday, LargeBoy declared it was "Mickey Monday" and spent the whole day talking in his newly discovered Mickey Mouse voice. yeah.
On Tuesday, since his wild and curly hair is getting so huge it is taking on a life of it's own--he found out he could put matchsticks in it--and not only will they stay, you can't see them! His record was 57.

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