Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy

Somebody asked me once how I kept going, when SmallDaughter can be so hard to live with. Fortunately, like all other toddlers, she is incredibly cute! And she is also charming, sweet, and hilariously funny! And we have the WonderDog.

This sign is just down the road from my house. All of the businesses in town and the library have hitching rails. We see LOTS of "horsies".

This is VERY old! We were doing a fashion show with my friend who has a vintage clothing store (yes, truly--I sigh, I swoon, I LOVE to try on the fabbity-fab clothes!)

This is also a from a long ago trip to the zoo. So fun!

This is the single most glamorous dress I have ever worn. It is real silk chiffon, and it has about 10 pounds of real jet beads on it. So Fabulous! It was actually the same fashion show as the other one. Just different outfits!

Another thing that makes me happy is going through the files of old pictures on my computer with BigGirl!

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