Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 5: A song to match your mood

I am adding this little playlist, since I could never choose just one!

The playlist won't load, so here are the songs:
My life is wonderful!
and beautiful
and kind of wierd.
But, in a quirky, creative way.*

However, mostly this morning I am feeling happy and grateful. Yesterday was busy and awesome. In the morning BigGirl went to a 4-H FCS board meeting (FCS is "Food, Clothing, & Sewing" and she is on the teen board, which helps with getting all of those projects accomplished, judged and displayed.

Then we went into town for a birthday party for a sweet little one year old. Miss Sophia has filled our lives with joy from day one! It was our family's turn to clean our church house, so we went and did that--which always makes me grateful for the brothers and sisters who physically built that building (back in the day when the members did the actual labor to build the church).

Finally, we went to a lovely potluck supper, and then, gathered with a group of very sweet Young Women, we watched the Young Women's Broadcast. I was filled with hope & joy!

After that, a spontaneous "sleepover**" was formed and came to my house! I brought home 3 extra young ladies, of more than the usual levels of awesomeness, and an evening of late night hilariosity ensued! Having 3 Drama Queens and 1 Loyal Sidekick, meant that there was a dramatic production staged
and BigGirl's eyeliner-ed on goatee and mustache caused tears of laughter every time someone looked at her!

They are crashed all over the living room.

My Favorite Gentleman has gone to retrieve LargeBoy from an Order of the Arrow "Blues Brothers Encampment".

Life is SO GOOD.

*And, if you are not acquainted with the music of the FABULOUS A Capella group "InsideOut", HURRY to their website at and get to know them. And, in my claim to fame--I went to High School with 3 of them. And there may have been a bit of crushing going on (see post on "first love"!).

**We all know that the "sleep" part of "sleepover" is one of the most ironic statements in all the world!

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