Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 12: Something you don’t leave the house without

This is a VERY short list:

Shoes. (That is TOTALLY because of FlyLady. And it is GREAT!! My feet are much better--no gross callouses, not freezing all the time, don't hurt. Except for the baby-toe I broke last week when I stubbed it on the corner of the bed at 4:50am. Mutter-mutter.)

That's about it.

I suppose Pants, too (and FlyLady is the reason for THAT, too) In fact, any shreds of organization and/or smoothness in my life pretty much ALL come from FlyLady).

However, I have to run out chasing SmallDaughter whenever the mood to escape strikes her, so it is in my best interest to be clothed at all times.

I almost always leave the house without makeup on. I don't always carry a purse. Even in the old days when I HAD a cellphone, I always forgot to carry it (or I had it, but it wasn't charged!).

But I do have chapstick, diapers & wipes & tape (both medical and cheap adhesive) stashed in my purse, all cars, church bag, etc.

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