Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Because we live with (and love) SmallDaughter, we have a mostly dairy free household. And no, it isn’t the lactose (thank you for asking), it’s the milk proteins, specifically casein, but some of the others, too, that cause problems. Apparently lots of non- and less- verbal people have problems with it. We just try not to have any in the house because she LOVES it, craves it, finds it and eats it with abandon (she can easily eat a pint of sour cream, a stick of butter AND a block of cream cheese in one sitting--not kidding).

Anyway, that being said, it explains my families unholy adoration of all things dairy—why LargeBoy stuns his scout leaders with his ability to chug chocolate milk, why BigGirl asked for a pint of cottage cheese for her birthday—and why I am sitting around with a Post Christmas, Brie-induced grin on my face!

I LOVE Brie. I am not certain whether I love the creamy, buttery inside best or the lovely, crusty outside. I just know my loving sister gave me Brie and Dark Chocolate in my Christmas gift, and I am a very happy girl. Albeit, getting fatter every second.

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