Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Doctor Visit

Today's adventure is a doctor visit. This one had more pre-visit adventure than the usual office call, because our "old" family doctor (who we liked, had a pretty good relationship with, and had already filled out the pages and pages of forms that medical visits require) joined the Air Force and left. He was actually quite young for a doctor, and I can see the military being a great life for him--but it did leave us doctorless.

Finding a new doctor turned out not to be just the usual pain in the neck of doctor shopping, either. Our insurance (which is not too bad) is a smaller company, and the doctors who accept it tend to be in the North/Eastern part of the state. Most of my life tends toward the South/Western part, so finding a doctor who A) is accepting new patients, B) accepts our insurance C) is reasonably close and D) that we like, has not been fun or easy.

But I seem to have accomplished it at last. (You may hold the aplause--or not, as you see fit).

BigGirl gets to go in today, hopefully to find out what the heck is up with her circulation. Her hands have had problems with a strange rash/dryness, swelling, cyanosis (being blueish) and they are always cold. Not good signs for anybody, but particularly not for a skinny early teenage type person. Keep her in your prayers, just in case! I will post results when I know them.

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