Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old Friends

Technology makes life interesting--I think we have less meaningful interactions per day than we used to, but we make a lot more noise doing it (think Twitter). HOWEVER, it also makes it possible to reconnect with the people who were a significant part of our lives in the past, who (for those of us who moved a lot, and were never really good at staying in touch)--got lost.

This week I have had a lot of that. I became aware of happenings in the lives of five people who were important to me in college--three roommates, and the two most significant guys of my college career. The roomies have big life changes happening: Children arriving (Welcome Selena!), Parents hospitalized (my prayers for Sherry), Children Growing up (Me, too, Leslie!).

The guys were: A)The guy who was almost my first boyfriend, and B) the dude who was my first kiss. NO--they are not the same guy. My first kiss was a silly, unemotional fling, mostly just to get it over. The guy was a doofus in college, and guess what--all these years later--he is still a doofus. The other one, (who chickened out on getting more serious!) was a really good friend, who I was able to laugh and talk with, who broadened my horizons and who is still my friend, and still makes me laugh.

I rejoice for him that he married a good woman, and that they are living a good life together--one which oddly parallels my own (three children, born at home, home schooling...weird really!) It is very sweet to me that I can re-discover and touch base with the ones who have shaped my life.

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