Saturday, February 19, 2011


I am not sure I have reported very much on our "kittens". They are coming up on a year old now, so they are in late adolescence, big and rangy. We have two out of the original four left at our house. They are very pretty cats--gray and white longhairs, very silky. Thor (the girl) is all gray. Storm (the male) has a white bib and boots. They are very good natured, and quite, quite stupid. This is a good thing, in a house with SmallDaughter. They love attention, and are willing to put up with ANYTHING she dishes out. She carries them about (sometimes by the neck), she "pets" them--sometimes with a shoe or a teacup in her hand at the same time--they don't mind, they are just glad she loves them!

I bring this up, because I just watched her pick up Thor, who was sleeping in the sunlight on a soft quilt on the couch, and stuff her bodily into a 3 gallon chicken waterer (fortunately empty!) and carry her around in it. This is the bottom half of a 2 part waterer. It looks quite a bit like a bucket with a lip around the bottom (that is where the water pools for the chickens to drink out of). However, there is also a 2 inch wide handle across the middle, which makes the stuffing of cats into it much trickier--but she succeeded!

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  1. Those are the best kind of kitties! So cuddly and willing to go into any contorted position just to get some love from e human.