Monday, October 10, 2011

I am SO busy, and I have such a huge to do list crying out for every second of my time, but my friend Miss K (Oh wait, I already have a Miss K--what do I do when I have 2 friends with the same initial? Alright, we will just call her Miss Kitty, and the original Miss K gets to keep initial rights!) Miss Kitty dragged me out to have fun in the incredibly beautiful fall weather--and boy did we ever!

Specifically, at the Renaissance Festival! They have a permanent "village" set up which really adds to the atmosphere.

Of course we dressed up! When she asked if I would want to go with her to the festival, I asked if she would be interested in dressing up, and she responded "why do you think I asked you out of all the people I know in Ohio?" So we did--but just as peasants, because we only had 2 days to plan and I couldn't really sew very much, so most of it just came out of the costume box(es!).

LargeBoy got an ocarina as his "so sorry you had to stay home and help the Boy Scouts with the Popcorn Fundraiser instead of going to the Ren Fair" gift. He has already developed some serious ocarina skills! It came with two little books of music--one of lullaby's and simple songs, and the other with "geek favorites" like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Zelda music. Guess which one he prefers! (HINT: Harry Potter sounds really great on the ocarina!)

BigGirl also got something awesome--but you must hold onto your curiosity until the big reveal at the end of the month--since hers is now an integral part of her Halloween costume!

SmallDaughter just got to ride a bunch of rides. She enjoyed trying on the princess hats, but wouldn't hold still for a picture and told me no when I asked if she wanted one. So--just rides!

So much fun that I am still recovering! I will post pix when I get them from Miss Kitty's camera!

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