Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sorry for the complete lack of communication--but I have been at Cub Scout Day Camp this week. I feel like I have been beaten with a bag of bats (Louisville Sluggers, not Little Brown Bats). I swear, they just suck all the energy out of me.

Also, on Monday, I asked BigGirl (just in case) if she had opened a bag of chicken feed and made a mess all over in the garage (which didn't seem likely as the bag looked gnawed open--not her usual tyle!) So, I set the trap in the garage, bated it with half a can of corn, and voila! this morning, there was a masked bandit/demon in the trap. ( I am not a big fan of raccoons).

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  1. Me, too! Cub scout day camp, not the masked bandit. I'm exhausted!! No epi pen or treeing himself in a rage, this year, but we did come home early today (last day) for a doctor appointment. Hope you had a wonderful time!