Monday, November 19, 2012

While there are some people who would say my children are too old for story books, we know the truth:  You are NEVER too old for a really good story, and if it comes with great pictures--even better!

So, with that said, if you haven't been introduced to "Diary of a Wombat" by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley--go now, to your nearest library, and enjoy it STAT!
So fun and charming!  and such a fun introduction to an animal that lives far across the world from our family!

And, we were super excited to find that our good old friend Wombat has been joined by other friends!


and then, moving on to something completely different:

"Always in Trouble" by Corinne Demas and Noah Z. Jones

and then something completely different in a completely different direction:

"Waiting for Winter" (hilariously) written and (gorgeously) illustrated by Sebastian Meschenmoser

This one may be my very favorite.  It is clever, thought provoking, and hilarious, and I love the illustrations!

Also,  if you happened to have missed the dynamic duo of Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger, your life is sadly incomplete.  
Tacky the Penguin now has EIGHT books!

and don't miss their other beloved classics, such as:
"Me First" ("Would anyone care for a Sand Witch?")
"All for Me and None for All"
"It Wasn't My Fault"
of course
"A Porcupine Named Fluffy"

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  1. You are the greatest! We are doing the 4-gift rule this year for Christmas and birthdays, and I needed "Something to read" for monkeychild. He is now getting the wombat books!