Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Not particularly exciting happenings

Last week I got the laptop repaired, which means this week I am creating this epistle from the LOVELY warmth of my electric-mattress-pad enhanced bed! YAY!! On Wednesday, the sweet Faith-In-God Girls had their Mother Daughter Tea Party, which SmallDaughter graced for long enough to--very carefully-- pour each of us a cup of apple juice from our teapot, cruise the buffet table, scrounging grapes and take a bow, then she was off to the gym to play wild games with Uncle R! In the wildness, I am pretty sure she broke a toe, which is now showing some really impressive bruising, but there just isn’t much to do for broken toes!

BigGirl is working on painting our downstairs bathroom, which is pretty darn exciting to me! It always stuns me how fresh and clean a coat of paint makes a room look!

SmallDaughter had Parent Teacher conference, which was mostly just letting me know how much they love her and the funny things she does. My Favorite Gentleman got to come home, and had time to work on cleaning out and winterizing the chicken coop, which is a huge blessing to me! On Saturday, we went on a date! We went to see Thor 2--we were going to see Ender’s Game, but it was all sold out. Then we went to a surprise 40th birthday party for a dear friend, which was very fun!

Sunday was Stake Conference, and my favorite part was that they had 3 very young converts tell their conversion stories, which were awesome! The rest of it was excellent, as well.

On Monday, the Library had an “Interactive” showing of “The Wizard of Oz”, which is one of SmallDaughter’s favorites. It was really a cute idea--they gave everybody a little bag with a set of instructions and a bunch of goodies, and the movie was set to be a sing along. When Glinda came out, we all blew bubbles, and there was a lollipop for the Lollipop Guild, etc. Super Fun--especially since SmallDaughter thinks ALL movies are interactive!

On Tuesday, I had my Library Board Meeting, which wasn’t particularly newsworthy or notable, except for the deeply embarrassing part of tripping on the way in and ripping my long john/tights and thoroughly scraping up my knee and bruising my dignity! Tuesday evening was RS Pie night, and we made about 120 pies. BigGirl was really cranking along--she made more than I did because I helped entertain small children--we had a lot of fun together.

On Wednesday morning, BigGirl & I went to the church where about 15 sisters made big, fancy (labor intensive!) snowflakes to decorate for the Ward Christmas Social. SmallDaughter didn’t have school, so she and LargeBoy had a fun time together! In the evening, we had Youth--LargeBoy looked spiffy in his Scout Uniform, helping with the pack meeting--where they had a “bridging ceremony” to welcome 2 new Webelos into Boy Scouts from Cubs.

Thursday was SmallDaughter’s final Riding Therapy of the year. It is going to be a long, horseless winter, since EVERY TIME we get in the car, she asks if we are going for horsies! March can’t come soon enough for her! My Favorite Gentleman came home Thursday night, and continued the Chicken Coop work--he is also modifying their pen and fences. On Friday evening, My Favorite Gentleman & LargeBoy went to their Father & Son’s banquet, which they had instead of a campout, because of timing and weather issues. They enjoyed good food and company! While they were gone, we had a lovely “Girls Night In” with Miss C. We watched “Charlie’s Aunt”--a very old stage play that was made into a movie with Jack Benny in 1941--but it was still pretty cute & funny, and we ate junk food until I got tired and had to go to bed and the party continued without me!

Yesterday we had our Primary Sacrament Meeting Program. It was really good, and I am always amazed at the outpouring of the Spirit that comes with it! There were also a bunch of callings and releasings---reshuffling both the Young Men and Young Women presidencies. After church, we had the Young Women in Excellence, which they had the YW plan and present. They did a LOVELY job--it was very focused on the values and the progress they had each made, with very little of the “dog & pony show” that sometimes happens with YW things. It was really neat to see the wide range of talents our YW have.

In seminary we are in Mosiah 21-22, where we have the 2nd telling of the escape of Limhi’s people, which is a great allegory of the escape from sin and the process of repentance.

We are excited to go to My Favorite Gentleman’s folks house for Thanksgiving--already planning to play games and eat too much! We will probably end up at my folks for Friday and Saturday--to play games and eat too much! (I LOVE this time of year!)

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