Friday, December 12, 2014

And Now...Home Decorating with SmallDaughter!

To recreate these amazing 3-D effects, SmallDaughter recommends that you simply start with a box of baking soda and a box of table salt (the large, round one)--then add a can of shaving cream, 2 bottles of lotion (she prefers the really nice, expensive kind, not the cheap stuff that smells weird that nobody wants anyway) and a brand-new bottle of liquid sub-lingual vitamin B Complex (because that stuff is a DEEP yellow, that really stays!). Mix it all together thoroghly, with your hands (and feet if you want!). She recommends doing it in your mom's bedroom.

Ed. Note--FYI--do you know what is worse than crumbs in your bed--salt!

Note 2--You know what makes a really gross, but surprisingly pleasant smelling mess to clean out of the vacuum tube? Guess!

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