Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Life

BigGirl has gone to stay with her BFF--a cheesy term, but it does fit these two, who have been Best Friends since Kindergarten, with no "breakups". They have, besides all of the other things they share in common, very kind hearts and a firm belief in a Loving God and the importance of modesty. They are the only two girls from their 5th grade class who weren't "going" with a boy.

However, BFF SweetGirl's family moved from just across town (which, in a town this size is maybe 1 mile), to a neighboring state. So, the moms met in the middle and BigGirl is off for an ecstatic time with her SweetGirl. LargeCousin has gone to be an "auntie" with the little cousins in another neighboring state (I do love these little Eastern states, where in 2 hours you are in another state--not just another county!) So, poor lonely LargeBoy has had to go for a sleep-over at HIS BFF's house. So it is just SmallDaughter, the WonderDog, and Me.

The house smells lovely because I am boiling up some chicken stock (no, not anyone we knew!--just some I had thawed that needed using). It is Monday, so it is Taco Night. Monday always is. Tacos are MFG's favorite, and that means one less menu to THINK of, so that is the way it is. I am doing many small, thankless jobs today--phone calls, paying bills, laundry, that keep the home running. I am grateful for the ease I have to do them--I do love modern conveniences (mostly!). I love having my washer-slave down in the basement, slaving away to make the nasty dirty clothes all fresh and clean with minimal effort on my part!

Also, the BIG NEWS! Tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday, Aunt A is taking THE BAR EXAM! Once again, she thinks she will bomb, and we all know she will kick butt. It is seriously like being friends with Hermione Granger.

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  1. It really is like being friends with Hermione, isn't it? We all know that she is going to kick its trash and become an amazing lawyer.