Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Perfect Rain

The promised rain not only arrived, but arrived perfectly. We have gotten quite a bit over the last 24 hours, but it has come down softly and gently, with plenty of time to be absorbed into the thirsty earth. Not torrents that come and go quickly without leaving anything useful behind. I could think deep philosophical thoughts about people in our lives and the useful analogy of the rain--but I have to go wash my sheets and sort out my pantry (which has achieved a state of such advanced higgledy-piggledy that the word entropy comes to mind. again. sigh.)

We did have a bit of excitement here this morning. MFG went to open up the window in LargeBoy's room, and found that it had a pretty messy bird's nest built in it. Since it appeared empty he went ahead and opened the window. Which caused the little sparrow in the nest to come flying into the house. Where we couldn't find it. It was finally located (after much searching) hiding on the floor in the corner by SmallDaughters dresser. It was gently relocated to the nest, where it flew outside. The nest will be relocated to the crabapple tree out the window.

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