Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

I have posted less this month than in any previous month of my blog-life. Part of that is the insane busyness of my schedule. Part is that I have several BIG posts that I am mentally chewing my way through, before I put them into words.

I always find myself pondering how great my life is around this time of year--and not just because we have an official holiday for it, either. I think the gathering in, as well as the colder weather combine to make me thoughtful. I have a pretty great life.

For general comfort on an everyday level, I am better off than any royalty in the history of the world up until about 100 years ago. I have hot water ANY TIME I WANT IT. I have bright, non-flickering light--as much as I want! I do not have to be downwind of the latrines no matter what the weather is, or which direction the wind is blowing! I can be warm in the winter (although for me, that goes directly back to the unlimited hot water issue!).

I can have any food I want, at any time of year--including fresh fruit in the middle of winter, and while it is slighty more expensive, it is nothing like as costly as it could be! I am at an age, where even at the time my grandparents were born was past middle age--now, I am not even close to half of my life expectancy--and I have all of my teeth! I do love dental care that enables me to KEEP the ones I have!

I am surrounded by family and friends that I love. It is cheap, easy and effective to call, write or otherwise communicate with them. It was not all that long ago when you sent a letter by writing their name and town on the outside, and entrusting it to anyone who was traveling in that general direction. Many of my siblings live in other states, sometimes in other countries. In previous generations, that would have meant that I would probably never see them again. I also have blog friends around the world that I may never meet in person, that still bless and enrich my life.

When BigGirl had appendicitis a few years ago, it was a tiny, minor laproscopic surgery, and she was only out of school for a week. No close call with death, no 6 inch scar across her abdomen. LargeBoy's broken arm is a small inconvenience, not a life changing event. SmallDaughter benefits daily from technology and therapy breakthroughs.

We are blessed.

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