Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Costumes, part 1

Here are (finally) a few of our Halloween Costumes (and by "our", I mean that I helped think of, sew, create, etc.!) For those of you who got costumes and haven't sent me pictures yet...(sound of throat clearing) Well, we will just say there are more costumes out there!

And so, for your enjoyment (drumroll, please)...

Halloween 2009!

A Medieval Lady and Her Knight?

Zeus & Athena (with Athena's "Mini-Me"!)

A Goth Doll

Now for those poor souls who haven't had the chance to watch the WONDERFUL movie "My Neighbor Totoro" (Our family prefers the 1994 Fox Version, better dubbing), you won't recognize the next costumes. So, as a reference, HERE is a picture of the 3 Totoros, with their human friends Mei and Satsuki.

Now, here is our version:

The Blue Totoro and The White Totoro

I ran out of time before I solved the problem of getting their cute pointy ears to stand up, so they spent the night explaining that they weren't penguins. Oh well.

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  1. We spent the night explaining Caleb was not a Hershey kiss. Come on, with angry eyebrows and fangs, what kind of a kiss is that?

    I didn't have a camera, but my cousin did. I have to get her to email them to me.