Friday, October 30, 2009

Exciting News Day!

I am just adding all of the exciting news in to this one entry--so re-read it, even if you read it yesterday!

Breaking News:

Cutie sister A (mom of the 3 cutest girls in the Mid West) has made the Dean's List and gotten PERFECT ATTENDANCE at her Culinary School!



They don't release grades or averages, it is just pass/fail, but
we know she kicked butt! Seriously, it is like living with Hermione Granger!

Our BigGirl is BACK! She arrived home yesterday, inches taller, curvier and more grown up than ever! She also cut her hair, in the shortest "do" she's ever had.

When she was in 1st grade, she decided to cut her long hair off to donate, so she got it cut in a "bob". She grew it out again and donated it at the end of 3rd and 5th grade. But each time, it was chin length. This time, it is a short little "Pixie" cut, which is adorable on her.

It feels good to have our family "whole" again!!

Also, I am taking LargeBoy in an hour to get his hard cast on. He still hasn't decided between black and glow in the dark. Since this is his 3rd time breaking the same arm, he has plenty of experience with this process.

Several people have asked if I am upset or angry with him (since it is the third time!), and actually, I'm not. The first time he wrecked his bike, and both of the other two were falling out of trees (not the same tree). I'm glad that he is outside playing active games instead of vegging on the couch, even if broken bones are a natural consequence.

This time, I am also relieved that only broke his arm, when it so easily could have been his head or his neck! (and it really wasn't carelessness--one of the branches was rotten inside--but looked fine on the outside!).

All in all, a red letter day!

Also--big thanks to SAHMinIL, for helping me with the darn computer issues--Look! I made it work! (But I won't tell you how long it took me!)

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