Monday, October 5, 2009


What a wild sprint through the weekend! I cleaned house manically on Friday, and it was LOVELY by the time my party rolled around. I had small, but not pathetic attendance. If you are still interested, you can order stuff until this Friday.

On Saturday, we got dolled up and went to a "surpise 40th anniversary party" for Mr. Prism's Aunt & Uncle. It was good to see family we haven't seen for a long time. Lots of exclamations over how tall LargeBoy is getting (and we didn't even have BigGirl here--she has SHOT up this last year, and is amazingly tall and pretty). SmallDaughter and the WonderDog behaved very well--and she ate about 10 plates of potato chips, which her loving brother patiently refilled for her.

When we got home, LargeBoy and I worked on a model of the human body while we listened to General Conference on the internet. It was nice and mellow to listen together.,6353,310-1,00.html" (once again, nothing will link, and you are forced to cut and paste. Sorry.)

In the evening, Mr. Prism went into town to attend the Priesthood Session, and the cookout dinner they had before, and LargeBoy and I did a lot of baking: a batch of bread dough which turned into 2 pizzas and 4 loaves of yummy bread, a pan of really rich butterscotchies, and a lemon jelly roll.

On Sunday morning I made up 2 huge crockpots of stew (one of beef veggie stew, one of corn chowder)(--Thanks for loaning me your crockpot, Miss K!) and got them cooking along. Aunt A and Uncle R, plus their awesome chillun arrived, and we began listening to the Morning Session of Conference. Partway through, my dearest-cousin- in-the-world arrived, with 2 adorable babies in tow (one is her sweet nursey baby, and the other is her sweet niece.) She has come to our part of the world to assist her little sister (my awesome cousin Kit), who is undergoing some medical stuff and needs help chasing her little one (who is 19 months old and FAST!).

It was great to have everybody here, and we all squished into my little computer room to listen. During the break between sessions my dad & co. arrived and he set up a screen and his spiffy computer projector, and we arranged all the couches in the living room (currently 4!) like a theater, and listened to the afternoon session in comfort!

I particularly loved Elder Jeffery R. Holland's bold and forthright testimony of the Book of Mormon, and Brent H. Nielsen's touching talk on missionary work.

Then we all ate and ate and ate, while watching a "slide show" of old family pictures that had been put on a CD from my grandparents old slides. It was great.

I am so blessed.

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