Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The kiddoodles are out begging for candy from the neighbors tonight. Yes, I know that it is days until Halloween, but the powers that be in our town have declared that Trick or Treating will always be on the Tuesday before Halloween.

Not to be sexist, but this decision was obviously made by a group of men for reasons like "that is the best day for the police force" or something like that. The decision makers were obviously not the parents or school teachers of any of the small, exhausted, wound up, sugar-buzzed kids WHO HAVE SCHOOL THE NEXT MORNING.


  1. There is a school in Colorado that has "fall break" in addition to spring break. One week off right around Halloween. They eat as much candy as the body can contain and then hopefully calm down by the next week in time for school. It sounds like a good plan to me.

  2. I like this plan, especially as a teachers aid now. Its not like the kids focus very much anyway. It feels like we have been so busy this week at school and yet I know we have gotten NOTHING done. The kids are wired up and we have so much to do, activities, art, musical programs. Its insane the amount of STUFF the school can put into a day that is, incredibly, not school. It just seems like a waste of time. But, I guess that is exactly what some parents prefer. A baby-sitter instead of an education.