Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a little bragging

OK, yesterday was the official graduation for my dear Aunt A, who now holds a genuine Juris Doctorate degree! Because A) I am the mother of SmallDaughter, who we love dearly, but we all agree does not do well at formal events or anything that involves waiting around without a lot of action (and boy do graduation ceremonies count in THAT category!) and B) the party was at my house, so I had to do quite a bit of pre-party excavating of said house, I did not attend the actual graduation ceremonies.

So, imagine my surprise when, this morning I am browsing through the Commencement Program, and see a little footnote after her name. I follow it down to the bottom and see that it means Cum Laude!

This from the person who assured me only days ago that she was fairly certain she had failed the whole thing! Seriously--it is like living with Hermione Granger--that after-test anxiety and the extreme studying (and a look at my GPA will show that I never had that going! Laissez-faire, that's me!)

I am just so proud of her!

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