Friday, May 8, 2009

Good Tears and book reviews

I stayed up until 10:15 reading (again) which wouldn't be bad for normal people, but I get up at 4:30 in the freakin' morning (with a cheerful morning person hubby! URG! I stumble around like a zombie, while he is all cheerful and chipper. Urg.). So, any staying up at all creates dire waves the next morning. Usually after I finish teaching my seminary class I go back to bed for an hour--usually snuggling my sweet kids. But this morning, I read my email, and one of the moms on my online support group recommended this video (STRONG Kleenex warning)


(Still can't get my computer to link to things, sorry!)

Whoa! I can't even listen to Collin Raye in the car, because every single song he does makes me cry and here he goes and does one about my life, and being the mom of a daughter with neurological handicaps--yeah, I haven't stopped crying all morning.

I stayed up reading "The Sugar Queen" by Sarah Addison Allen.

Last summer I read (and was utterly captivated by) her book "Garden Spells".

I love her new reality, where magic is just lightly tossed in as a part of regular life. I was not as captured by "The Sugar Queen" which merely means that it was much better than most other books. I really, really loved "Garden Spells", so almost everything falls short of that.

However, another good read, on a TOTALLY different wave length is "A Girl Named Zippy (Growing Up Small in Moreland, Indiana)" by Haven Kimmel.

This is written with a very dry, midwestern voice, and her humor is so sly that it takes me by surprise, and then I find myself falling off my chair laughing, and wondering how she did it.

Anyway, now I have used up all my sleep time on the computer (again). Today I have to prepare for the "ordeal of the yard sale" which will happen tomorrow. Big Sigh.

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