Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy Days!

Monday and Tuesday were the kind of crazy days that began with activities and continued, non-stop from one thing to the next, without any breaks. HOWEVER--Tuesday all of the activities were fun! There was a Homeschool Celebration, but since it was in a city about an hour and half away, we went to the zoo (in the city) first! I do love nice zoos. I am so happy that zoos have gotten away from the small concrete cages of my youth, and into realistic habitats and education. It was a perfect day--upper 60's, slightly overcast, not too hot or too cold. We took SmallDaughter out of school for the day. She loved the fish, the adorable little sugar-glider (that nicely ran back and forth on a twig in front of the window just at her eye level--she called it a "mouse") and the elephants. She DID NOT like the reptile house. At all. It began with recordings of crocodiles roaring, and then when we got past the turtles (and I have to admit that coming across that alligator snapping turtle right at eye level would freak me out!)

When we got past the turtles to the snakes, I looked down, where she was riding in her stroller, and she had pulled her sunbonnet over her face! She would not look until we left the building! It was very cute.

LargeGirl LOVED the manatees. She always does! The large cats were all sleeping, and didn't respond at all, but the WonderDog was DEEPLY interested in the kangaroos, and the monkeys all came over to check him out!

Everybody enjoyed the homeschool day. The kids had a great time meeting and playing with other HS kids. It was nice to check in with other parents--we will definitely be attending again.

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  1. We did have fun even if the boys were a bit cranky. Love hanging out with you, its always fun and exciting