Monday, May 11, 2009

Yay! We made it!

We are all done with the yard sale! It managed not to rain, although we had wind gusts in excess of 60 mph. We did well enough, although the real triumph was packing all of the leftover-didn't-sells directly into the truck and to the thrift store--YAY!!!

I made it through Mother's Day with no bloodshed and hardly any swearing. I am not a fan.

It appears that Scotty the eternal houseguest (he who was shot in the leg) who has been showing up randomly for a night or two--which I haven't bothered posting, because I just try to ignore the whole thing--may possibly be leaving. I am not holding my breath--he did it before, got shot and came back. It's sort of like a boomerang, only smokes nastier cigs.

I am planning a party. I do love to have parties--and this is the best excuse ever! My dear Auntie A is GRADUATING FROM LAW SCHOOL! I am so proud of her. She has been slogging through school against incredible odds (seriously, the first month of her law school she had a crisis EVERY SINGLE DAY--including her hubbys heart bypass surgery!)

This week I have to work on my garden. I finally have the other stuff resolved to the point of being able to. I must go and get more hardware, for making more raised beds. I have entirely given up on the dirt here in my yard (which is such a fine grade of clay that my sister actually made some pots out of it, dried them in the sun, and they stayed (visibly pot-like) all summer). Great for pottery. Just not good for growing veggies in.

So, I have started making my own soil, and it is MUCH more satisfactory. It is not rocket science. I just put nice former plant matter back together--well aged horse manure, sawdust, grass clippings, all the raked leaves from along the fence line, all the compost bin stuff, and anything else that comes along cheap.

I really like the "square foot gardening" concept. (Just google it, you know I can't get links to work). MUCH LESS WEEDING. Especially since I staple garden felt over the box, and just cut a little hole for the plants I want. AAAHH.

So today, I need to go mix together all of the soil ingredients I have been assembling since last fall. Then I will let the chickens roam through the whole thing to eat all the cutworms and slugs out of it, and voila! I will be ready to plant! (although there is always a whole lot more work before that voila than I like to remember).

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