Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do I look on the bright side, or the dark side?

In the last 48 hours, SmallDaughter has dumped BOTH cannisters of flour (white & whole wheat) out on the grass, so she could "mop" them with her little string mop (which she had gotten really wet in the WonderDog's water dish). She has also dumped 2 different bottles of laundry detergent on the floor. She has tried sawing the doorjamb of the kitchen with the big butcher knife, and when that was confiscated had a major meltdown. Then, today, she got the big bread knife (one of the 2 most lethal knives in the house) and was out cutting her swing with it.

Dark Side:
AAARGGGHH! It NEVER stops! Why Me? ***Hysterical Sobbing****

Bright Side:
I am very glad she dumped the flour outside, I am getting sick of sweeping it up inside. On the grass requires 0 cleanup from me. The flour paste on her mop makes it look much cleaner and brighter!

She dumped the bottle of good detergent that only had one load's worth left, and the other detergent was the wierd generic kind that smells funny and doesn't wash too well that has been sitting on the shelf for years. AND she dumped them on the concrete, not on the carpet. Trust me, getting any concentrated soap out of carpet is not fun.

The knife thing--well I am very grateful she isn't cutting herself or other people.

All in all, I am definitely a "bright side" person. The dark side is too freakin' depressing.

All of this took place AFTER the bottle of shampoo from the last post.


  1. I love you and I love small daughter. It must get hard sometimes, but I can't think of a better woman than you to handle her chaos and love her.

  2. It makes me really relaxed about being a mom having you as an example. The other day when my oldest one got his diaper off and spread poo all over the bathroom, I cheerfully cleaned it up thinking, "This really isn't so bad!"