Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Awesomeness!

I forgot to blog about another bit of exciting news: BigGirl got her ears pierced! They look very cute, and she is quite stunningly stylish.

Last night my big children went to the annual banquet that the Kiwanis put on to honor all of the 4-H'ers who got "A" Grades on their projects. I am really proud of them.

In what seems to be a continuing theme--that of how cool my siblings are, and how they help my musical tastes be "fresh" instead of "incredibly uncool and fuddy-duddy", here is a link to my new FAV! (Don't be put off by the Dutch DJ at the beginning, watch the whole song.) Check out all of her other songs on YouTube as well. Caro Emerald is going places.

Lady Gaga either is or has a great arranger and has extremely catchy songs (and I prefer non-whiney alto voices for female singers), BUT Caro Emerald has a better voice, better clothes, more style, an EXTREMELY talented band AND Brass Instruments! WIN!


  1. I knew you would love her! Kudos to Rob for introducing me...I am now trying to share with the whole world the awesomeness that is Caro Emerald.

  2. Hmmm... This seems familiar, somehow.

  3. What can I say about the coolness--I posted OSC and recommended her to him as well! Love you both!