Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Public Library just called me and asked me to teach TWO more felting classes for them! I really had fun teaching a class in March (which I was too busy to blog about!), and apparently is was as good for them as it was for me! Yay, Yay! Happy Dance! And, I suppose I can say I am now "A Professional" since I have been paid for my work! Yet another weird item on the "Resume` of Strangeness".

We finished the last Mistborn book over the weekend. I have found some fabulous fonts to download that just give me warm fuzzies all over! The kittens are getting bigger and have started to play with each other. I have two twelve year old boys and three 12 and 13 year old girls having a "sleepover"--not a lot of actual sleep will happen tonight! They are so good, it is actually fun for me, too! The passel of babies is proceeding nicely--I am so happy that such pretty girls have joined the world (Anna, Zuzu and Bella)! The world is green and my hollyhocks and delphiniums and lillies are blooming.

Life is very good.


  1. You are my hero! You do so much good for so many!

  2. What a crazy, neurotic hero you picked!

  3. Okay, so I meant to post this comment on your Book of Mormon reading challenge post. But you are still my hero....neurotic or otherwise. Have you met the people I live with??!!!!?