Friday, August 13, 2010

Back Home

I had such a great summer adventure, I didn't have time to post anything! I am home now, and attempting to settle into real life--but have found myself with several new projects on top of what I already had going on!

This week I set the humane trap for the !@#$%^& raccoons. They look cute, but they are horrible pests--they have eaten (or just killed for fun) a third of my chickens--I had 50 when I left, now I have around 33.

Anyway--the first night I baited the trap with fresh corn on the cob. They spurned it, and left a mangled chicken corpse next to the trap. So, I used all the bones and leftovers from our dinner porkchops. HOWEVER, I had to move it outside the chicken yard, cause the dumb chickens kept trying to steal the meat!

In the morning (before the glasses were on!), I looked out of the window, and could see movement in the trap, so I called handy neighbor guy and asked if he could take care of it for me--he nicely agreed. THEN I went out to feed the chooks, and found--it was one of the kittens, mewing piteously! I could take care of that by myself, and had to call neighbor guy and cancel the marines!


  1. That is highly humorous Marie. Hope it was fabulous in Utah.

  2. Would that happen to be my marine you called over? You know if I needed him to do something for me I would have to promise him (the Promise) but you (lucky) all you have to do is ask. Men what can we do with them. Love you and miss you.