Friday, August 20, 2010

Fair Time!

I really love county fairs. I LOVE the smell of frying foods and hot sugar (even though fried foods try to kill me and sugar doesn't do me any favors, either!). I enjoy the booths and the displays of farm equipment. But mostly I love the people.

I love people watching. I always have. I love watching the old couple who arrived on their bike, wearing their well worn Harley-Davidson outfits holding hands as they wander down the midway, discussing and debating all of the offerings of good things to eat. I love watching the boy and girl combos where the relationship isn't quite at boyfriend/girlfriend stage (unlike that couple who appear to be stuck together with velcro!), but whose flirtacious body language is hovering very near the edge! I love watching testosterone charged guys showing off at the game booths and observing everybody debating over what ride to go on next. I love the little kids, riding around and around, and loving every second of their grand adventure!

I love watching the 4-H and FFA kids with the animals that they have poured so much time and attention into--leading them around before and after their judging, washing, trimming, grooming and talking to them. I love looking at the animals, too.

And it is a good thing I love it, because I am EXHAUSTED and the week isn't over yet. I have checked out of (or am giving desperately short shrift) to every other aspect of life and demand on my time. I apologize now, sincerely.

But, it is time for me to leave and go back to the fair.

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  1. I wish i could have ben there to help with the fair. I would have def takin care of monkey girl for you. Miss you lots. Love ya more