Saturday, September 18, 2010


So, I woke up this morning firmly decided to have a contest! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment, although if you happened to write about your favorite post(s) that would be great! I will randomly pick one to win a prize of such awesome fabulosity that you will be stunned! And no, I didn't come up with it on my own, my best friend taught me how to make them. Anyway, SUPER AWESOME! The contest closes one week from today (25 Sep 2010) and I will send more details to the winner--Good Luck!

In other news, my computer is still in the shop, Cat-Cat got fixed and is walking VERY slowly, the kittens are as hilarious as always and the chooks are doing fine, as are the children. Life is very good.


  1. My favorite posts are about Small Daughter being such a blessing. Having babysat her I can relate slightly to some of the day to day difficulties that are there to take care of her. It was such a sweet take on being her guardian. I also Like the post right before it about being the wife you want to be. It really is easy to want to punish the other person in the relationship if you think they are being unjust. But as you point out, what does that honestly accomplish. Now everyone loses.
    I would also have to say I really enjoy Halloween costumes part 2. Those are some really great costumes....

    Thank you for blogging, I enjoy it.

    and I should win.

  2. I agree with Vanessa that those are two fabulous posts. I also love the post about your sweet grandma. I love the post about Largeboy breaking his arm-again and the one about missing your brothers. I love knowing that my blog is "real" because I made your list and how all of your posts "sound" just like you and make me feel close to you from so far away. I love the posts I was there to experience with you, and hearing your perspective. I love your blog. And I should win because I think I taught you how to make them!!

  3. I am just still thinking, "I just have to comment. That's it?". I could sit and read about wonderdog all day. Of course that would also mean I was reading about small girl, and one of her sweet moments. Oh, I just remembered one that brout tears to my eyes. When you told how wonderdog was helping the little boy in small girls class. ( where's my tissue). It all comes down to you being a wonderful person and being able express that wonderfulness in your blogs.

  4. I think all of your post are wonderful. You have inspired me to write my own post ( which I dont write as much as I use to) you inspire me to stop running in circles and take a break and watch something funny ( either on the internet or life as we know it, you know Kids, wonderdogs and all the cats in our lives) You also inspire me to look past all the stress life throws at us, and see what blessings we truly have. For all these things I love you and will always call you Friend.