Monday, October 11, 2010


I now have something exciting to check every single day of the week!

Monday--a new episode of Girl Genius
Tuesday--we get BOTH a new episode of "The Guild"
and "Castle" comes out on Hulu (I can't stay up late enough to watch it on ABC--it doesn't start until 10:00 here--way past my bedtime!).
Wednesday--new episode of Girl Genius
Thursday--the new edition of the Greensboro NC Rhino Times comes out with "Uncle Orson Reviews Everything"--by Orson Scott Card (It's my favorite form of gambling--sometimes it is just local stuff, that I live too far away to enjoy, BUT SOMETIMES it has great information on books, movies, music, etc. that I almost always enjoy--some of my very favorites have come on his recommendation.)
Friday--new episode of Girl Genius
Sometimes, I catch up with
Darths and Droids

And I also check Cake Wrecks
and Epbot most days.

Yes, pitiful, I KNOW. (I think I just figured out why my house looks the way it does! I mean, other than the stuff SmallDaughter just dumped/poured/scribbled/chopped up!).

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