Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trick AND Treat

I sewed SmallDaughter's halloween costume today--and, may I humbly state that I am a costume genius! It really turned out super cute! It's Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. which is her favorite movie (Mike is her second favorite character, but I can't figure out how to sew Roz!).

In early September, I was called in for a meeting at her school, because, basically the fact that she is taped into all of her clothes was freaking them out. Now, I have been trying to deal with "CSP" (Compulsive Skin Picking) for years now. When I say I have tried everything, I am very serious--everything. Trust me when I say gloves and tape are the most livable solution. Anyway. I told them that they could untape her during school--sometimes she doesn't pick when she is busy and having fun. However, when she is bored or frustrated--oh my!

Last Friday, I got a note home from her teacher. She has informed the nurse that the tape is truly important to SmallGirl's health and safety. They have tried velcro. They have tried sweat bands. They have tried other stuff. They give up.

Huh. Told you so!


  1. I love it when people don't believe the parent. It cracks me up. That is so funny.

  2. Vindication #1-You really do know your daughter best and have found what works best for her. You're a good mom!

    Vindication #2-Even a committee of professionals with lots of people to brainstorm with and resources to try couldn't find something really did cover all the bases. You're a good mom!

  3. And we need PICTURES!!! If Emma is Mike, who is Bubbles going to be?