Monday, November 8, 2010

Fundraising VS Guilt

When BigGirl and LargeBoy were in public school, it seemed like every other week they had some kind of fundraiser going on. I am not a fan of most of the stuff that they carried home in their bulging backpacks--more overpriced stuff to dust, more guilt for me--and everybody they showed the catalogs to--and then, when all of the stuff came in, I had to sort and distribute it. URGH.

That is definitely one of the perks of homeschooling. If they decide to sell candy bars to make money, they go to Sam's Club and buy a carton, and sell them. No guilt (except when I am the one who buys and eats the candy--but that is another post!).
I thought that we had it down to only one fundraiser a year--our 4-H club has a cheese fundraiser in the spring, but I don't object to that on nearly as many levels (cheese is something most people buy anyway, our price is very competitive and it is actually a useful product--not just more crap to sit around needing dusted---But I still have to sort and distribute it--sigh.)

So, this year SmallDaughter changed to a different class at school, and she just brought home her fundraiser info. At least she is selling chocolate. And it is good chocolate (Malley's, from Cleveland, for those who care about such things). And it is a pretty good deal for a fundraiser. And it is not going for anything abstract like "the booster club" (like I know or care what that is--they never "boosted" anything I was involved in!) The money they earn will go to help their class go on field trips--which is something their teacher, Mrs. K is really good about.

So, I suppose I will go along with the herd and be a "good mom" and press gang everyone I know into looking at the catalog.

But I still feel guilty.


  1. I know what you mean about the fund raisers. I HATE them. and it does seem like they are coming home CONSTANTLY. I keep pretending I will just send them some money to stop feeling guilty about never even bothering anyone to buy anything.

    Oh how I love cheese.

  2. They keep doing fundraisers at restaurants here, so once in a while I send in $10 instead. Cheaper for me and more $$ for them. That said, I'd love to see a Malley's chocolate catalog-can we order online??

  3. As soon as I figure out the technology bits, you will be able to see it online-or maybe I am supposed to email it. Anyway, there will be something forthcoming.

    Nessa--I will keep you posted on the cheese sale--it is really good cheese!