Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I just got back from teaching another felting class at the library. It was SO fun! Imagine--they actually pay me* to talk about felting and fibers, and to show other people how fun it is to create something for themselves.

My class was filled with fun, creative, talented, positive people. I really do think fiber arts attract that kind of person. No grouches allowed. I really love to teach, also--I would just hate to be what our culture has defined "a teacher" as (in an elementary school, particularly. I love children, but I hate to see them stifled by a system that is broken. I don't think it has much to do with the individual teachers (or at least the vast majority of them!). I think it is just a crazy, broken, dysfunctional system.

PLUS--Felting gives you super clean hands (there is nothing quite like playing with wet, soapy wool for 2 hours to get them deep down clean!).

Now, on this lovely high note--I am off to bed!

*OK, they don't pay a lot--which is actually fine by me, since I think library budgets should got mainly toward books, but the educational things they offer do astound me. Libraries are one of the few governmental institutions that should have their budgets increased drastically (unlike say, congressional retirements).

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  1. That is very cool that you got to share that Marie. I would gladly have attened had circumstances allowed.

    I agree with you on the money thing. Pa was in a huge budget shortfall for a while. The radio would talk about how we need to call our represenatives because they are going to cut thier budget. The library had signs up saying call your reps so they don't cut our funding.

    Ok, sorry, but if the money isn't there, something has to go. Seeing as you are a library, or the radio, not security, you seem like a great place to start cutting.

    Sorry, drove me nuts for while.