Thursday, March 3, 2011

Farewell-for a little while

We just got back from the farewell party for my cousin Matt. He is leaving on his a matter of hours. For two years he will voluntarily leave his family, his friends and his home to share the answers to life's biggest questions with people he doesn't even know yet--who will become some of the people he loves the very most. More than any other missionary I have known, this has been a long and difficult journey. I really admire him for choosing to serve wisely, humbly and obediently.

I was there when he was born. I can't even express what a cutie he was when he was little--outstandingly cute, even in a family that is famous for its cute kids! I was there two days ago when he made sacred covenants in the house of God , as a strong, handsome man. He is a HUGE* example and role model to my siblings and my children. He is one of SmallDaughter's "guys". We will miss him dreadfully.

I also know that he will be an amazing missionary. He is so loving and funny, but he also has wisdom, depth and compassion that many younger missionaries lack.

Go forth with faith, Elder--return with honor (and with some really good food for your loving {and possibly slightly bossy) cousin!

*his example and role modelness are about 6 times larger than his large self. We just had a discussion on the perfect height for a guy, and he said if you are taller than about 6'2" or 6'3" (which is the neighborhood he is in), than that is all people notice and remember. In this (as in so MANY other ways) Matt is just perfect!

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