Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I survived the wedding--which wouldn't have been bad, except we got a TON of snow on Friday night--which meant school was canceled and I had to change all plans to include SmallDaughter, and lost about 3 hours of prep time on Friday, and another 3 or 4 on Saturday due to shoveling out activities.

I ended up ditching a lot of really cute and fun ideas and going with something simpler (when you lose 6-10 hours out of a 2 day span, that REALLY affects you!). Fortunately, as my sister reminded me once again--Nobody else can see what is in my mind, so nobody else was disappointed when it looked different!

I did the backdrop and the bouquet and boutonniere. They did the cuteness and the smiling! I really do LOVE this couple!

Ironically, SmallGirl's school was also canceled on Monday--not because of the howling winds and blizzard conditions we had Friday, but because we got a sudden thaw and lots of rain and had serious flooding!

Now, I am moving on to other exciting activities!

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