Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poem for Springtime

Why, oh why
must all the junebugs
come to die
in my bathtub?


  1. That was glorious Prism. Sheer genius.

  2. Brilliant!! We haven't seen any here, yet, but everything's slow this year. Chicago had the wettest April since 1946 and the fewest days of sunshine this spring on record. Sigh, so on a gorgeous day like today when it's finally shining out there, I'm stuck inside painting. At least I don't have june bugs, but I'm sure curious as to how every bug in creation can sense wet paint and suddenly be inspired to commit suicide?

  3. A sage once said
    Be grateful
    of small gifts,
    and surprises

    in your bathtub

    Think of it as a way to get some extra nutrients in your bathwater!