Sunday, May 8, 2011


Sorry for the "radio silence" but a whole lot has been happening. Including, but not limited too:
BigGirl spending 12 straight days unable to keep anything down.
Visit to Doctor.
Visit to Emergency Room.
IV Liquids.
No real idea of why.
My doctor visit (which I promised long ago to update upon).
I suspect I am having thyroid issues. Thyroid is notoriously hard for doctors to diagnose, because it mimics many other things but mainly because the range of "normal" is so @!#$%^&* huge (really, a range of 0.5 to 5.5) so what is perfectly "normal" can be seriously out of whack for your body, and they just can't tell!
(By the way--my test results came back *cough* "Normal").

New Chicks (around 35 or 40--hard to keep track) of various types (more variety than ever before--really fun!).
A visit from 2 really cute baby goats (they stayed at our house for 2 weeks).
Visits from lots of family we love.
Easter, Traditional (very fun) Easter Egg hunt and family dinner (at our house).
Birthday Party (quite a long time after the fact, due to scheduling issues) for LargeBoy. The party was awesome--almost zero work for me (which worked out nicely, since that was the day I was in the ER with BigGirl).
AND my debut party for my new business.

For those of you who have been waiting breathlessly for details:

I am now an official Consultant for Essential Bodywear.
(crickets chirping)
"I am officially a Bra Lady!" Yep. I can measure and do fittings, and I sell great bras (and other "foundation garments"). We had our first "Bra Party" and it was great!

In keeping with my tradition of "having a Mother's Day"--boy have I had one. I dared to try to take a nap, and SmallDaughter got into the shower and poured 3 bottles of shampoo (the Suave [for the family hair], the Bath & Bodyworks [my own personal expensive splurge--big sigh], and the Head & Shoulders [for certain adolescent type people]--[which is also not fun to clean up--trust me]) AND a container of purple cookie frosting (not from the shower--from the deeply forbidden, high up cupboard of doom--er expensive, yummy ingredients) onto the floor. There were also a dozen potatoes and a bottle of windex involved. Yep, "A Mother's Day" indeed.


  1. Your Mother's Day sounds! Is that the right word??? I too tried to take a nap and it didn't work. Thankfully we still have our shampoo!
    Soooo, you are the bra lady. I NEED you! I'm guessing you don't sell nursing bras but if you do I need help! Can't find anything that fits right.
    My husband would absolutely love having baby chicks. And bees. And land. Sadly, we live in town and about as much as we've gotten from the earth and animals is a few tomatoes and a stinky litter box.
    What town do you live in? I really do want to come visit sometime!

  2. 2 things:
    The newest info on thyroid levels is that lower is better. My endo has me keeping my levels below 2, I think closer to 1 is where I feel best. Mine are off right now and I need to get back in for a meds adjustment.

    I'm also going back to school. I know your original post about this was months ago, but I also know that you haven't found one that fits you yet. My mom pointed me in the direction of Western Governors University. Check them out. I'm really excited to get started - the program sounds like exactly what I want and can fit into my life.

    Love to you all!

  3. Marie,
    Mother's Day! Yep. I wish we didn't have to acknowlege one. I am going on 3 years of having a sick spouse on that day and wrestling all the kids at church myself and making whatever meals have to be made.

    I hate the whole thyroid thing, too! I have been diagnosed by one doc and then told I am within normal limits at .7 by others. One problem is that they only standard way to look for thyroid hormone is to measure the amount of stimulating hormone that the pituitary sends. Try to get someone to test whether the thyroid is responding well to the stimulating hormone or if the pituitary is actually sending the correct amount of stimulating hormone (by testing actual levels of thyroid hormone in the blood) and they tell you that you are crazy. Sigh. I hope you can get somewhere...

    I owe you a long email or phone call. Life is definitely tricky around here, though, and I don't often feel like talking about it. Any prayers you can send our way would help!

    Love, Ange