Monday, September 24, 2012

Exciting times

Back in the day (mid August, that is) LargeBoy had a little incident involving gravity and a skateboard, which resulted in a very sore hand. Turns out, on examination by a specialist, it is not actually just badly bruised, but actually has a weird broken bone. So he now has his arm in a cast for the fourth time. He did switch arms, though!

After SmallDaughter finished up her Horse Riding Therapy (the high point of her week), she asked if we could go see the "ducks"--she clearly remembers going to Kingwood Center (which we drive right past), and I decided to stop and let her. Our parking space was close to the entrance, and she headed off to the duck pond by herself, which was fine, since I could see her, and there weren't any other people around. I rummaged around in my purse to find a quarter to buy corn for the ducks (she loves the little "bubble gum" vending machines that dispense bird food!). Just as I was walking over, she came RUNNING back towards me (which is very out of character), signing "scary, scary". Turns out, the peacock was right by the vending machine, but the tall grass had hidden him until she came around the corner! And since he is as tall as she is--freaky! He and the peahen kept trying to get all the food she wanted to throw to the ducks--it was pretty funny! She kept telling him "shoo"--but he was persistent!

I am trying to get ready to go to PA for a family reunion, and then have a bunch of awesome people here and a party for General Conference. And I am sewing a bunch of change aprons for the Boy Scouts for selling popcorn. Well-six, anyway. And (much cooler) I took 3 stuffed animals apart (a racoon, a hideous rat in a dress, and a much loved, worn out old bear*) and turned them into an Akela headdress for the Cub Scouts. I am about half done, and it seems to be coming together.

And, today I got a call for a temp job with the Board of Elections--starting tomorrow. This week should be really exciting! I am off to bed--it is way past the seminary teacher's bedtime!

* I realized as I took the bear apart that it was stuffed with shredded paper, (which explained why all the stuffing ended up in the limbs, with very little in the torso). In possibly the most surreal moment of my week, upon closer examination, it wasn't paper, but but a clever recycling of the shredded up byproducts left over when they manufacture sanitary pads--the cotton fluff and the very distinctive "always" plastic overlay. Weird, but rather clever (I guess!).

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  1. Good thing that bear never got wet, he'd have swelled up like a wet diaper in a pool! So nice to be able to read what you are up to and know you are busy and happy. Love to all your kids and sibs, especially V. Thinking of her a lot lately!