Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Depressing moment of the week--NOW with even MORE Depressing!

Yesterday (Monday), I was in the Thrift Store, buying 4 smurf blue shirts for my niece's Halloween costumes (wanna' guess what they're going to be?)--and when I got to the checkout the cashier asked me if I had a Golden Buckeye Card. Yep, the seniors card that I have 20 years until I am eligible to receive!

Sigh. The weekend must have showed on my face.

More about the weekend soon. It will make you grateful for whatever you dealt with!

Wednesday Update:

I just got a call:

Voice on the Phone: "Mrs.________, I would like to let you know that we can supplement your Medicare Plan, and provide diabetes care supplies and incontinence supplies directly to your home with no cost to you:!

Me: (in my head: What the crap!?"), out loud: I'm only ___ years old! I don't qualify for medicare! And I don't have diabetes! (I am not even going to discuss incontinence with a young whippersnapper over the phone!).

Big Sigh.

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  1. Hahahaha.... If it makes you feel better, that lady MUST have needed glasses because there is no way you look like you could have that card! Still, funny though. :)
    We loved visiting so very much! I told my mom about our visit and she said how much she has missed your family too. It would be wonderful if she ever gets to come out here to visit if we could meet up again.
    Tell Bubbles and the kids and kitties we say hi!