Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekend Update (NOW--completely Dennis Miller Free!)

The promised update on the less-than-fun happenings on Saturday. I was hoping that My Favorite Gentleman would be able to come home on Saturday night at least. (Having him arrive home at 8 or 9pm on Saturday, and leave again at 3 or 4pm on Sunday is less than ideal. However, it is nice to be able to spend a little time together--maybe get to go out on a quicky date (we go to Walmart, usually—or sometimes the hardware store!)

BigGirl and LargeBoy got to go to a Stake Youth Activity at on Saturday (I am not totally sure of everything they did, but they reported they had a good time, and I know they had pumpkin carving, and used 100 pumpkins!)

SmallDaughter and I go everybody dropped off where they needed to go, then went grocery shopping. When we came home, I realized I could not put fresh groceries into that manky fridge, so I started cleaning it out. Sadly, I managed to break one of the glass shelves (who thinks glass refrigerator shelves are a good idea, anyway!?!), and since it was safety glass, it exploded into thousands of sharp little pieces, all over the kitchen!

While I was trying to clean it up, SmallDaughter was trying to cook herself some food (in her stocking feet!) and when I wouldn’t let her use the stove or be in the kitchen (the kitchen that was covered in tiny shards of broken glass!), she had a HUGE tantrum. (FYI—I had already cooked and fed her 3 eggs—she was not really hungry!). There was a huge amount of screaming and sobbing, then she got quiet. I went to investigate, and when I got into the bathroom, I found her standing on the toilet, holding a bottle of red nail polish! (!!!!)

She took one look at my face and held the bottle out to me! I put it up high, but realized that I could smell polish, so she had probably unscrewed the lid. I reached up and grabbed it, but only got the lid, and the bottle part dropped, hit the lid of the toilet and bounced, sending sprays of nail polish everywhere! (so, technically--I did it to myself!) It looked like a murder scene. Even more infuriating—I was wearing my brand new ($4from the thrift store), very cute shirt, and my brand new $40 pants—which were both “hosed”. Urgh.

I started to clean things up with my ½ bottle of nail polish remover—which quickly revealed how many tiny, not noticeable until you get remover in them cuts I had acquired on my hands! That stuff stings!

Then I got a phone call from My Favorite Gentleman, saying that he wouldn’t be able to make it home after all. That was the last straw. Lots of bawling ensued. I took SmallDaughter to the Dollar General, where we bought 3 bottles of nail polish remover, 2 rolls of paper towels, and a box of Little Debbie Fudge Rounds. I got everything cleaned up (and in the case of the Fudge Rounds, polished off!) (except the shirt, which just went straight into the trash), and felt very glad the day was over!

The Halloween Update: I am making my 4 cute nieces Smurf costumes!

(I believe the order will be Cute-Niece J = Papa Smurf, Cute-Niece N = Brainy Smurf, Cute-Niece A = Handy Smurf, Baby Cute-Niece L = Smurfette AND I found an awesome robe for their Daddy to be Gargamel today at Goodwill!).
LargeBoy is doing his own costume, and BigGirl is still trying to come up with an idea!
It seems likely that SmallDaughter will be…Mike Wazowski (because when you have a perfect costume, why mess with it?). However, I will need to do a little mending on the costume, and superglue the hat, because they have both had some hard usage during the year!

This morning, I forgot to set my alarm clock and totally slept through seminary. Much more embarrassing when you are the teacher!


  1. Wow. That sounds awful. Those days are so funny to everyone else or later down the road but so hard in the moment. Of course it isn't as if you don't already have a nice stash of stories by now...

  2. What a crazy day!!! I love your writing and descriptions. You could write a book with all your great stories, stories that probably weren't that great for you when they were happening. :)