Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Capes

I got the CTR Hero Capes finished in the nick of time--not a panicked last minute sewing (Thank Goodness!)--but I ran out of fabric paint and had to wait till I could go to the "big city store" to get more, so I finished them while watching a movie Saturday Night, so they could dry all night, then got them bundled up.

They seem to have been a hit--almost every child wore them for the rest of Primary.

The sweet little ones show off their "Hero Style"

Here are some Hero Girls with ATTITUDE!
(And, you could not find sweeter, better girls if you tried!)

(The big girls had to move their long hair out of the way so it didn't cover the CTR shields for the picture!)

I made (of course!) Red, Yellow & Blue capes (The Primary Colors!)--but the little ones overwhelmingly picked blue!

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