Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

I think it is very easy on blogs to get a pretty one sided view of the blogger. I know I often find myself feeling pretty down that I don't make my own yogurt or scrub down my baseboards monthly (seriously, I read blogs on both of those things today--I can honestly admit that I scrub my baseboards never!).

I could only show you the glossy highlights of my life. I want to do posts on how fabulously mellow and great our Christmas was. And how proud I am of my awesome teenagers (and how on earth, with parents like us, did they end up cool AND with rhythm? Mysteries abound!)And how awesome my Christmas party with my seminary kids went (the words hilarious and awesome spring immediately to mind!) And I could post pictures of the neat decorations we are making for a Young Women's Mother/Daughter activity (but I can't until Feb, because that one is a secret--but we are sure having fun with it!)

But instead I will confess that I spent the whole entire day working on the finances that I have been sorely (pathetically, really!) neglecting--for months . I KNOW it is not a big job to balance my checkbook, etc, if I do it every week. And, furthermore, I KNOW it turns into a big, hairy, stinky, nasty bearcat of a job if I neglect it. Sigh.

I am also worrying and praying for people I love. For babies to gestate and be born safely, for the hospitalized to have their Doctors guided and inspired, for the worried, confused, stressed and grieving to have their hearts lifted and their burdens made lighter. It makes me think of how, in the Book of Mormon, when Alma and his people were slaves to the Lamanites (and the renegade Nephites), who treated them horribly and forced them to carry heavy burdens, that the miracle they were given was NOT to have the burdens removed. It was that they were strengthened so the burdens seemed light. I pray for miracles like that for those I love whose burdens seem almost to heavy to bear.

2013. Maybe I will be able to dink around less, and accomplish a few things that will stay done! In general, I avoid New Years Resolutions (I merely have to look at my track record to see why!), and prefer to think of each day as a great place to jump in and become better.

But I am still not betting that I will scrub my baseboards every month.

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  1. Maybe Emma would enjoy washing baseboards. I know when I ask my kids to wipe down the toilet I find them in the hall with chlorox wipes wiping the same spot on the wall they always end up at. I am pretty good at feeling sad/ jealous/ depressed when I read other people's blogs or listen to them talk about their fabulous accomplishments or trips. I tend to then think something like "Yea, well I'd like to see you fare if Phebe lived at your house." Which isn't remotely nice. I was actually thinking about you yesterday while I had a pity party for myself. I enjoy how much we laugh together. I wish we lived closer. I was also looking over the pursuit of excellence booklet. I have a hard time with such things because you can't cross honesty off the list. I can get better at it but saying I will work on this isn't something that I can ever completely be done with. I end up just having to gauge if I have made any progress. But then I end up being really hard on myself. I did however improve in a few areas. I think you are awesome Marie. I am glad you are my friend and cousin.